“We must trust to nothing but facts: These are presented to us by Nature, and cannot deceive. We ought, in every instance, to submit our reasoning to the test of experiment, and never to search for truth but by the natural road of experiment and observation.” ― Antoine Lavoisier, Elements of Chemistry


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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Safety In the Laboratory


Entering and leaving the laboratory:
1. Do not run
2. Make sure that school bags are stored safely
3. Put stools under the bench when not in use
4. Leave the bench clean and dry

General Behavior:
1. Do not run in the laboratory
2. Do not eat or drink in the laboratory
3. Work quietly

During Experiment:
1. Never point a tube test containing chemical at anyone, and do not examine the content by looking down the tube.

2. Tell your teacher about any breakage or spillage at once. If you are at all unsure of the practical work, check with your teacher that you are following the correct procedure.

3. Only carry out investigations approved by your teacher, and use the gas, water, and electricity supplies sensibly.

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