“We must trust to nothing but facts: These are presented to us by Nature, and cannot deceive. We ought, in every instance, to submit our reasoning to the test of experiment, and never to search for truth but by the natural road of experiment and observation.” ― Antoine Lavoisier, Elements of Chemistry


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Thursday, 13 November 2014

PHYSICS: Moment worksheet

1. The diagram shows the electromagnet just above an iron rod, which is pivoted at one end. A box is hanging from the other end.

Ignore the mass of the rod in the following questions.

a) What is the mass of the box?
b) What is the force produced by the electromagnet?

2.   A beam of wood is balanced on a brick. A girl  stands at a point 50 cm from the centre. Ten 2 kg masses are placed on the plank 2.5 m from  the centre on the opposite side and the beam balances. What is the mass of the girl?

3. Henry uses the light seesaw shown below to measure Mary's mass.

            Use the information in the diagram to calculate Mary's mass. Show your working.

  4. An empty wheelbarrow, which weighs 65.5 N. The operator pulls upwards on the handles with a force of 20 N to keep the handles horizontal. The point marked M is the centre of mass of the wheelbarrow.

Determine: the distance between points A and M.

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