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Here are the pointer to review for upcoming midterm test:
1. Kinetic theory of matter:
    -  The properties of solid, liquid and gas based on the kinetic theory of matter;
    -  gas pressure;
    -  dissolving process;
    -  diffusion;
2. Acids and Bases
    -  Acids and Bases properties;
    -  Indicators;
    -  pH;
    -  Examples of acids/bases

Workout these following question in your "EXERCISE BOOK" only. Submit it after Chemistry Test (Monday, March 10) on Mr. Markus desk.

  1. State the characteristics/properties of acids and bases (4 characteristic)                                 [8]


    2. Fill in the blank in the table below, if P = alkali, Q = acid. The litmus paper turns in color.
red litmus paper

blue litmus paper

       What are the other acid base indicators instead the litmus paper? [2]

3.  Sweat from the skin is slightly acidic and reacts with jewellery containing nickel.
(i)                  Suggest how you could find out the pH of the sweat on the surface of your skin. [2]
(ii)               Which one of the values represents a pH which is slightly acidic.
Put a ring around the correct answer. [1]
pH 2                               pH 6                       pH 7                      pH 8                      pH 13

4. A solution of perfume has a strong smell.
A beaker of perfume solution is put in the corner of a room which is free of draughts. At first, the girl by the closed window cannot smell the perfume. After 30 seconds she smells the perfume.
Use the kinetic particle theory to explain these facts. [2]

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