Friday 30 May 2014



  1. Calculate the following dissolutions

    1. Work out the molarity 5 g of potassium dichromate dissolved in 250 g of water

    2. Work out the molality 4 g of aluminum chloride dissolved in 500 g of water

    3. Work out the mass of oxalic acid C2H2O4 in 4.5 in 2.5 liter of solution.

    4. Work out the % by mass 15 g of magnesium chloride dissolved in 700 mL of water

  2. How many gram of potassium nitrate are required to prepare 2 L of a 0.3 M  potassium nitrate solution?

  3. What volume of water is needed to prepare a 0.02 M potassium acetate solution by 3 g of potassium acetate.

  4. What is the molality of a 5.45 M ethanol(C2H5OH) solution whose density is 0.956 g/mL? 

  5. What is the molality and molarity of a 95% concentrated hydrogen phosphate, density 0.93 g/ml.

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