Tuesday 24 October 2023

Laboratory Apparatus and Safety Worksheet 2






  1. What piece of equipment would you use to:

  1. Measure the temperature of boiling water

  2. Measure out exactly 55 mL of salt water

  3. Support a thermometer in a beaker

  4. Transfer a small amount of solid onto a balance

  5. Pour a liquid into a conical flask

  1. What should you do if:

  1. You accidentally break something in the laboratory?

  2. You smell gas in the laboratory?

  3. You need to leave a Bunsen burner to collect some extra equipment?

  1. Suggest why piece of burning paper should not be used to light Bunsen burner?

  2. What are the similarities between:

  1. A beaker and a measuring cylinder?

  2. A crucible and an evaporating dish?

  3. Tongs and clamps?

  1. After turning off a Bunsen burner, it should be left for a while before it is packed away. Suggest why?

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