Wednesday 22 May 2013

Example of Pressure Worksheet for Lower Secondary


1. What is the pressure on a surface when a force of 50 N acts on an area of
a. 2.0 m2
b. 100 m2
c. 0.50 m2
2. A pressure of 10 Pa acts on an area of 3.0 m2. What is the force acting on
the area?
3. In a hydraulic press a force of 20 N is applied to a piston of area 0.20m2. the
area of the other piston is 2.0m2. What is
a. The prssure transmitted through the liquid.
b. The force on the other piston
4. Why must a liquid and not a gas be used as the fluid in a hydraulic machine.
5. What is the pressure 100 m below the surface of sea water of density 1150
6. A hot flat metal sheet is placed on a horizontal surface
As the hot metal sheet cools, what happens to the quantities in the list
below? Say for each whether the quantity increases, decreases or stay the
a. Length AB e. width BC
b. thickness CD f. Are touching the horizontal surface
c. Mass of sheet g. Weight of sheet
d. Density of metal h. Pressure on horizontal suface
7. A wooden block rests on top of a steel block. The wooden block weghts 50 N
and the steel blockweights 5000 N. The surface area of the base of the
wooden block is 25 cm2. The base of the steel block is 4 times larger than
that of the wooden block. Calculate the pressure exerted by the wooden and
steel blocks on the table.
8. A hydraulic pump is used to move a car. The car has a mass of 5.2 x 105 kg
and it rests on the hydraulic platform that has a surface area of a 4 m2. Find
the force that must be applied to the other platform which has a surface area
of only 25% of the platform that support the car. Suggest two ways to
reduce the applied force.
monggo dipun klik mriki mawon

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