Wednesday 22 May 2013

Sound worksheet


1. If 5 seconds elaps between a lighting flash and the clap of thunder how far away is the
storm? Speed of sound = 330 m/s.

2. (a) A girl stands 160 away from a high wall and claps her hands at a steady rate so that each
clap coincides with the echo of the one before. If she makes 60 claps in 1 minute, what value
does this give for the speed of sound?

(b) If she moves 40m closer to the wall she finds the clapping rate has to 80 per minute.
What value do these measurements give for the speed of sound?

(c) if she moves again and finds the clapping rate becomes 30 per minute, how far is she
from the wall if speed of sound is the value you found in (a)?

3. (a) what properties of sound suggest it is a wave of motion?

(b) how does a progresive transverse wave differ from a logitudinal one?

4. A sound wave in air is made up of compressions and rarefaction. State what are the meant
by a compression and rarefaction?

5. The distance between two concecutive rarefaction in a sound wave is 2.5 m. The speed of
sound in air is 330 m/s. Calculate the frequency of this sound wave.

6. A person makes a loud sound and hears the echo of this sound 1.2 s later. Calculate how far
the person is from the object causing the echo. Assume that the speed of sound is 330 m/s.

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